Personalized one-to-one sessions are a great way to understand your body better and see quick results.

During an initial consultation, your teacher will learn about your injury history and assess your posture’s influence on pain.

Your teacher will guide you on how to support yourself between lessons and you will set achievable goals together.

Whether you’re dealing with back pain, a specific injury, or a demanding office job, one-to-one sessions with Ankor can assist in reducing pain, enhancing posture, and creating noticeable differences in your body.

All 1-1s are done as home visits, so our teachers come to you.



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Tali grew up in Edinburgh and trained as a dancer from a young age. A chronic back injury at the age of 10 led her to Pilates during a two year break from dancing. During this time, Pilates helped Tali to strengthen her body and heal her pain, and eventually enabled her to complete a degree in Contemporary Dance. Deeply passionate about chronic pain, Tali provides challenging classes with a strong mind-body connection. She aims to educate clients about pain and she teaches lighthearted, accessible classes that help clients to strengthen, stretch, and heal.

1-1 Availability
Wednesday after 5:30pm
Thursday 9:30-12pm
Fridays after 2pm


Maddy first discovered her love for Pilates whilst training at ballet school and found it was a way to stay strong, supple, and injury free. Unfortunately, when she was 19 Maddy had a serious hip operation which required extensive rehabilitation. Pilates was invaluable in her recovery and is a large reason that she was able to return to dancing post-surgery and pursue a professional dance career.

Maddy’s background in movement has a huge influence on her teaching and her classes are flowing, precise and fun. Maddy is currently in her final year of studies at St George’s University, London and will qualify as a Physiotherapist in July.

1-1 Availability
Mon, Weds, Thurs, Fri after 4.30pm
Some Weekend Mornings


Eve is an actor based in South East London. Like many people she came to Pilates via an injury she sustained on a job. Almost immediately she fell in love with the process of Pilates and trained to share the joy in 2015. Eve teaches energetic yet relaxing classes, and you will receive plenty of individual guidance under her careful eye. Eve loves working with different people, helping them feel good within their bodies and move with freedom.

1-1 Availability
Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday - anytime.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday- before 8am or after 6.30pm


Danny is an office worker turned Personal Trainer turned Pilates advocate. Having first done Pilates as a child using her Mum's exercise videos, she has since developed a passion for Pilates and how it perfectly complements the busy world we live in and the impact this has on our bodies. Danny encourages her Personal Training clients, (and everyone she meets!) to incorporate Pilates into their lives, and tries to help people see how their movement, mental health and overall well being would benefit from Pilates. A proud South East Londoner, Danny aims to help more people in the local community get into Pilates where they might not feel it is 'for them'. Danny's sessions are diverse, provide challenge, relief and are always fun!

1-1 Availability
Tues 3.30pm-5.30pm
Wednesday 11am-1pm
Friday 10:30am-11:30am



1-1s will always be tailored to suit your needs and our teachers will go through the following approaches below.

If you’re particularly interested in any of the following approaches, please let us know.

Taking a detailed injury history involves gathering comprehensive information about any past injuries, accidents, or medical conditions that you might have experienced. These valuable insights enable our teachers to tailor their approach, providing you with specific exercises and creating a personalized program that caters to your individual needs.

A postural assessment evaluates your body’s alignment and movement while standing, sitting, or moving. Our experts analyze muscle imbalances, skeletal alignment, and movement patterns to identify concerns and potential issues. It helps detect misalignments and imbalances that could cause discomfort or pain.

A movement assessment evaluates how your body moves during various activities. Our skilled professionals observe mobility, stability, and coordination to identify limitations or dysfunctional patterns. With this understanding, we design targeted exercises to improve your everyday activities and reduce pain.

A desk assessment evaluates your workspace ergonomics to ensure proper desk and chair arrangement, computer placement, and posture. This assessment is beneficial as it reduces pain, prevents unnecessary strain on muscles, and promotes a healthier and more comfortable work environment.

Your Pilates teacher will assign you homework exercises, which come with several benefits. Practicing these exercises reinforces what you learn in 1-1s and classes, accelerating progress. Consistent practice at home also fosters flexibility, strength, and relaxation, leading to quicker pain reduction and an overall improvement in your well-being.


Our 1-1 sessions last 60 minutes and are done as home sessions, so our talented teachers come to you.

1-1s are great for achieving results quickly. You will receive homework exercises to do in your own time, which means you practice much more regularly. After just one 1-1 and a couple of weeks of practicing you should start to see some improvements.

Absolutely! If you’ve got back pain or an injury it can be very beneficial to mix both group and individual sessions. Our Back Care Plan provides the combination of 1 x 1-1 session a month, plus weekly group classes.

If you have chronic back pain, or complex injuries it’s advisable to start with 1-1 sessions. Working individually with one of our expert teachers allows personalized exercises and attention to address your specific issues. You are still very welcome to attend group classes, but we generally recommend 1-1s as a first step.

Yes, absolutely. We always recommend some 1-1s for people with back pain or injuries, but you will still see results just by attending group classes.

Click the button to go to TeamUp, where you can purchase the Initial 1-1 Consultation, or go straight for the Back Care Plan. Once you have paid for your session we will liaise with the teachers to find a mutually beneficial time.

We understand that starting something new can be nerve racking but please don’t be too nervous! 1-1s are a great way to be introduced to Pilates, in the comfort of your own home.

Improve injuries and reduce pain fast with a 1-1 session!



£ 80 Per Session
  • 1-1 Session With A Teacher Coming To Your Home
  • Detailed Case And Injury History
  • Postural Assessment
  • Homework Exercises