Brenda has trained and works as a dancer. Her passion for Pilates was first kindled when it helped her rehabilitate a knee injury sustained from dance. Since then Pilates has also helped Brenda to maintain strength during and after two pregnancies, enabling her to continue her career in dance after each of her children. Brenda now sees Pilates as vital for her life and career longevity as evidenced most recently by her recovery from a full Achilles tendon rupture.

Brenda’s classes focus on building body awareness and improving mobility, flexibility and functionality of movement. She is motivated by helping people to discover the changes they can make to their movement that then ripples through their daily lives.



  • Level 3 Body Control Pilates Mat 100% 100%
  • Intermediate Mat 100% 100%
  • Level 3 Pregnancy & Post-natal Pilates 100% 100%


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