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Here’s how we can help


  • I have or have had back pain and I want to do something about it
  • I sit at a desk all day and feel achy at the end of the day
  • I want to improve my core strength, posture and flexibility
  • I am looking for a local, convenient group Pilates class in New Cross, Nunhead or Deptford


  • I have a specific problem – either low back pain or another injury
  • I have been recommended to take up Pilates by a physiotherapist / osteopath / chiropractor
  • I require an individual exercise plan tailored to my needs to practice at home
  • I want to do group classes but I need to build up my confidence around moving first


  • I suffer from chronic low back pain or I have recently suffered from an injury
  • I need a tailored package that combines group classes and private lessons to ensure that I get out of pain fast
  • I want individual attention, regular practice with group classes and a personalised exercise plan to practice at home
What my clients say
As a teacher, I often find myself having back pains and I don’t enjoy massages so I decided to begin Pilates sessions to become more aware of my posture and help to strengthen my core. I began attending Ankor Pilates sessions weekly about 3 months ago and have really seen the improvements. Right from the start I felt at ease in the lessons and I have enjoyed the variety of exercises.

Zoë will ensure that you are in the right positions and she extends you appropriately according to your ability. My back is so much better and I feel much stronger and I know that Zoë will happily suggest some exercises if a new ache or pain arises. I would definitely recommend these sessions.


Due to spending the majority of my time in front of a computer, I have an ongoing issue with my right arm and shoulder. I had attended physio and they suggested that I try Pilates. Zoë was just beginning classes in the New Cross are so I decided to give them a go. Before the taster I was a little worried that Pilates was quite a slow form of exercise. I usually jog or swim so I thought that it may not be as suitable for me. However, during the taster class I was surprised at the amount of concentration that it takes for each movement. The class really allowed me to slow down and to forget about the day’s stresses. I also could not believe how it speeds by. I would happily stay longer!

Zoë’s Pilates classes have been incredibly helpful for me – I have found that they are feeding into my life as a whole, not just the hour that I am attending. I have found them so beneficial I am signing up to a second class a week with Zoë. I am more conscious of my body, particularly in work, where I am more attuned to my posture. During the classes, Zoë recommends which movements are good for those who send a lot of time at the computer so I often use some of these if I am feeling strain in my back, neck and arm. I would definitely recommend classes to other people. The classes are small in number so Zoë is able to take the time to correct and improve your exercise which I have found hugely beneficial. She is the perfect teacher for a beginner.


I have had returning lower back pain for many years following an accident at work. It came back once again recently. I wok every morning with my back in spasm and it took 10 – 15 minutes to get out of bed. Then all day I was walking round on egg shells to prevent a reoccurrence. Following my first taster session I felt a bit sore but next morning was my first spasm free wake up for ages. So glad I tried Pilates. It was only by accident I even bothered. I saw an advert on our local Facebook Page and applied rather more in desperation than for any other reason. Got an email back from Zoë almost immediately and was made very welcome.

Although I initially was the only man there and that was a bit off putting Zoë made me feel comfortable and I was encouraged all the way through. Still only one other man but I concentrate of the exercises and I feel much better. Zoë’s clear instructions make it easy. I walk taller, have no pain after standing for a while and generally feel fitter and all after only 3 sessions. I would certainly recommend it to anybody with back pain like me.


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Click the button below to claim your free Pilates taster class and we will be in touch with more details.

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