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Group Pilates classes are available in person in New Cross, for residents of New Cross, Telegraph Hill, Nunhead and Peckham (and online Pilates classes, for wherever you are!)

Group classes will help get you moving, building strength and mobility in a supportive environment, gaining trust in your body. Class sizes are a maximum of 12 in person so that you will have plenty of individual support and guidance while you move. 

We teach contemporary Pilates but take a multidisciplinary approach. Our teachers are constantly learning about movement, anatomy and biomechanics, and we like to blend new things that we’ve learned into our classes. We love movement, play and exploration and we want our members to have bodies that function well and allow them to achieve everything they want to in life.

We don’t call our classes ‘low back pain’ classes, because we don’t see you as being broken. Our class levels range from Basics (recommended for beginners with low back pain) up to Advanced. We have people who used to suffer from low back pain now doing advanced classes, staying strong and doing moves they never thought they’d be able to!


– Mini consultation to understand your low back pain and set your goals

– Weekly specialised group class

– Weekly email newsletter with tips and inspiration to keep you moving

– Progress calls throughout the year


What Do I Need For In-Person Pilates?

As part of our health and safety precautions for COVID-19, you are now required to bring your own mat to class. For your intro class you can bring a towel and then purchase a mat later. We have mats and small equipment available for purchase.

What Are Your Precautions For Covid-19?

We are committed to keeping our members safe and so we have taken a number of health and safety precautions for COVID-19, including:

  • Hand sanitizer in entrances 
  • ‘Bring your own’ mat
  • Increased hygiene of shared equipment 
  • Socially distanced mats
  • Increased hygiene of shared spaces and surfaces
  • No tactile cueing
  • Keeping spaces well ventilated

Do I Have To Come To The Same Class Every Week Or Can I Mix & Match?

Most members set themselves up on a recurring reservation for the same class every week but you are completely welcome to mix and match your classes every week. Just remember to book on via TeamUp.

Can I Mix & Match In Person Pilates Classes With Online Pilates Classes?

Yes. If you’re going away on holiday or have work commitments that mean you’re limited on time you can change your booking that week to an online Pilates class in order to keep up the regularity of your practice.

What's The Difference Between Your Classes & Classes In A Gym/Leisure Centre?

Typically, Pilates classes in a gym have large numbers of participants (20-30) whereas we only have a maximum of 12 participants in a class. This means you will receive detailed guidance and corrections to your posture and alignment that you simply would not get in a gym class.

Gym-style Pilates is also often taught more like a ‘core and booty’ class, holding planks for long periods of time, doing lots of reps, and ‘pulses’; whereas we do low repetitions, and offer a balanced workout that improves your posture, increases flexibility and builds deep strength. If you’re looking for a ‘feel the burn’ type workout, or you want to ‘flatten your tummy’, you’re probably not the client for us and we’d recommend you find a gym that teaches Pilates.

Why Should I Do Pilates For Back Pain?

Pilates is great for back pain because it will help you build strength in weak areas and mobilise stiff areas. It’s also great for relaxation and stress relief, which can have a big impact on low back pain.

Ankor Pilates are back pain specialists so we know how to take care of you. We will work with your body, mind and lifestyle to help you achieve lasting changes.

How Long Does It Take To See Results (Improving Posture/Gaining Strength/Flexibility/Ending Pain)?

It depends! Many people who work at a desk and live fairly sedentary lives will feel a big improvement in improving their posture and ending aches/ pains within a few weeks. For other people with more complex issues it can take a bit longer. It also depends on how often you practice outside of class and how much you allow the method to enter into other parts of your life.


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