At Ankor Pilates, we offer a range of class levels to cater to every fitness journey.

Whether you’re a total beginner, suffering from pain, or a Pilates fanatic, our group classes will challenge you at an appropriate level.

All group classes are tailored to help you achieve your specific goals. 

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movement can beat back pain


Joining our group classes is a fantastic way to stay motivated and make new friends along the way.

Our supportive community creates a positive atmosphere, and you’ll experience the following benefits:

Improved core strength and flexibility: Targeted exercises improve physical strength and mobility.

Enhanced posture: Increased body awareness and core strength, leads to lasting postural changes.

Mental wellbeing: Movement increases your energy and boosts your mood, and breathing exercises reduce stress.

Pain reduction: Learn exercises that will ease your back / neck / shoulder pain.

Overall wellbeing: Pilates is a relaxing and focused workout that offers both physical and mental benefits.


If you suffer from lower back pain, Pilates can be especially beneficial.

Our team of expert teachers offer tailored exercise routines for back pain.

Specialized exercises target the core and back muscles, providing pain relief and improving spinal alignment.
With increased strength you’ll find more comfort and mobility in your everyday life.


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The classes have been so beneficial to me and pretty life-changing! The small class size and the really skilled but down-to-earth teachers have made me feel so welcome. I've learnt how to be so much more aware of the intricacies of my body and how to target certain muscles. The biggest thing has just been finding a type of exercise that really de-stresses me - I didn't realise how stressed I was and taking the time to slow down, release tension in specific muscles and breathe has really changed the way I go about life. It has also helped me redefine my relationship with my body and pain itself. Since then, I've really felt my chronic pain lessen and in each class I feel like I learn more and more and I'm able to strengthen areas that have been chronically weak and that haven't been targeted properly for years!
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I swear by Ankor Pilates - I have tried a few different classes in SE London and I believe Ankor is the best! All the teachers are very generous with their knowledge and have really helped me understand how to strengthen, stretch and listen to my body! Thank you Ankor x
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Really friendly, knowledgeable teachers. Good choice of classes where you can work at different levels in a great atmosphere.
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Zoe is a great teacher - her classes are enjoyable, educational and witty. And I've definitely felt the improvement in my core strength. Definitely recommend!


No worries! Our friendly instructors will guide you through each class, ensuring you feel comfortable and confident in every move. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, strengthened and stretched!

Just bring yourself and a positive attitude! We provide all the necessary equipment for your Pilates journey, but you can bring your own mat if you’d prefer.

We offer classes for all levels, from beginners to advanced. Basics classes are best for beginners, or those with back pain or injuries. Intermediate classes can be suitable if you’re pain and injury free and like a challenge, or you have some previous Pilates experience.

Pilates offers numerous benefits, including improved flexibility, strengthened core muscles, better balance, and reduced joint pain. It’s a full-body workout that promotes both physical and mental well-being.

Absolutely! Our instructors are experienced in modifying exercises to accommodate individual needs. All Basics classes are suitable for people with back pain and Pilates can help alleviate your pain by strengthening your core and improving posture.

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