Laura Suarez Garcia

Laura is originally from Spain but she has now called London ‘home’ for more than a decade. After years of suffering neck and back pain due to long office working hours, she decided to try Pilates. Since then she never looked back and after practising Pilates for years. Feeling the benefits on her own mind and body, she trained as a Pilates teacher and embarked on the mission to improve the health of everyone around her.
Being familiar with office environments allows her to understand the main issues faced by many of her clients in their daily lives and to help them to get rid of bad postures and movement routines. Her interest in the world of movement often takes her to integrate exercises from other disciplines into her classes.
  • Level 3 Body Control Pilates Mat 100% 100%
  • Level 3 Low Back Pain 100% 100%
  • Intermediate Matwork 100% 100%


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