Maddy Bantick

Maddy first discovered her love for Pilates whilst training at ballet school and found it was a beneficial way to stay strong, supple, and free from injury. Unfortunately, when she was 19 Maddy had a serious hip operation which required extensive rehabilitation. Pilates was invaluable in her recovery and is a large reason that she was able to return to dancing post-surgery and pursue a professional dance career.

Maddy’s background in movement has a huge influence on her teaching and her classes are flowing, precise and fun. Maddy enjoys working with a variety of clients through injury and helping them achieve their movement goals. Maddy is currently in her final year of studies at St George’s University, London and will qualify as a Physiotherapist in July. Maddy enjoys culminating her love of movement and sharing her knowledge of anatomy and physiology when teaching Pilates.

  • Level 3 Body Control Pilates Mat 100% 100%
  • Intermediate Matwork 100% 100%


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