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Online Pilates classes will help get you moving, building strength and mobility in a supportive environment, gaining trust in your body. Class sizes are a maximum of 10 online so that you will have plenty of individual support and guidance while you move. Beat low back pain with pilates online!


– Mini consultation to understand your low back pain and set your goals

– Weekly specialised group class 

– Weekly email newsletter with tips and inspiration to keep you moving

– Progress calls throughout the year



Prior to your class please set up a Zoom account here

We recommend you join your class on your laptop.


Book onto your class through TeamUp. 2 hours before your class you will be sent an automatic email with the link to your online class. 


Set up your laptop well so that your teacher can see you well in a variety of positions. Bright lighting and a clear background works best!


 During your online class always listen to your body and if anything feels uncomfortable or painful please let your teacher know!


What Are The Benefits Of Online Pilates Classes?

Just like in person classes, online Pilates classes are great for building strength, flexibility and good posture. Online classes are also a great way to relieve stress and aid relaxation. Online Pilates classes will help you to prioritise your wellbeing and carve out some time for yourself.

Which Is Better, Pilates In Person Or Online?

Both are good for different reasons! You still gain many of the same benefits from practicing Pilates online. Because it’s a live online Pilates class with a teacher you will still receive corrections and guidance. We have found that online Pilates classes work especially well for busy professionals or parents with demanding schedules since they are easier to fit into your schedule (as you only need to travel to your living room!).

How Many People Are In Online Classes?

We limit online class numbers to a maximum of 10 people. This means that you will still receive corrections and guidance from your teacher.

I Have Back Pain, Are Online Pilates Classes Suitable For Me?

Yes, you can still practice Pilates online for back pain. We would recommend having an initial consultation (ideally in person) first. It is also incredibly important that you communicate to your teacher if anything feels uncomfortable or painful during class.

What's The Difference Between Taking A Live Online Pilates Class Compared To A Pre-Recorded Class On Youtube?

Taking a live class means you will have the teacher there to correct you and guide you. When you follow along with a pre-recorded class you will not have the guidance of a teacher so if you have questions you might not have them answered. Online Pilates classes also help provide a level of motivation and concentration that a pre-recorded class might not… how many times have you checked your phone, looked at your emails or skipped through bits you don’t like with a class on YouTube? We know we have  We recommend turning off all notifications on your phone before you start your class, and if possible, put your phone in a different room!

Can I Do Online Pilates Classes As Part Of My In-Person Membership?

Yes! If you’re going away on holiday or have a cold you can continue practicing Pilates online as long as you have a good internet connection and enough space to roll out a mat.


New to Pilates or want to try out a Free Introductory class first to see what Ankor Pilates is all about? 


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