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Ankor Pilates are low back pain specialists. We work with clients who have back pain that might be a result of: disc issues; scoliosis; hypermobility; or being postnatal. We also work with many people who don’t know why they are experiencing back pain – in fact, 80% of low back pain is ‘non-specific’ low back pain.   We end pain through a holistic approach, working with your body and mind, and implementing lifestyle changes. You’ll build strength and mobility in classes and learn to trust your body again. You’ll also receive strategies to reduce pain and information about back pain, putting you back in control of your body. 


Ankor Pilates was founded by Zoe Fairlamb, who suffered from low back pain for 10 years. Despite having been an active person growing up, a horse riding accident aged 18 left Zoe with recurrent low back pain that would flare up seemingly at random. These episodes of back pain left Zoe feeling like her body was broken, she became increasingly hopeless and afraid to move in case things would make it worse. After many years of trying different things to improve her back pain she found Pilates and has never looked back. In 2016 she trained to become a Pilates teacher and in 2017 Zoe set up Ankor Pilates to help others end pain, gain strength and reach their full potential. 


Modern society encourages us to be sedentary and we move less nowadays than ever before. Your body is designed to move and if you don’t move it regularly, you will lose mobility and strength. Stress is another massive issue within our modern world, affecting thousands of us every year. Left unchecked, stress can lead to a huge number of problems including high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Not moving enough and high levels of stress could be two significant factors in why 80% of people will experience low back pain at some point in their lives. 

Back pain is a complex problem and there are many things that can affect an individual’s pain, including sleep, stress, posture, thoughts and beliefs about pain, behaviour. As a unique individual, the combination of factors affecting your pain will be unique to you, so how you get out of pain will be unique too. We treat people as unique individuals and provide tailored support that suits the person. 

Ankor Pilates know how to end pain because we’ve done it successfully ourselves and we’ve also helped hundreds of clients end pain too. 


Ankor Pilates helps people to get out of pain, gain strength and mobility so that they can reach their full potential. We are on a mission to educate people about pain in a clear and easy to understand way so that they can get out of pain fast. We want people to live fulfilling, happy lives, pain-free!



Zoe Fairlamb

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