Pilates is such an effective way to help back pain due to:

Movement: Staying active is crucial. We help you move again, and make movement a habit!

Core strength: Our exercises target your core, creating a strong support for your spine.

Spinal control: Learn how to keep your spine stabilised and how to move it with control.

Posture: Stand tall, reducing strain on muscles and discs for a pain-free life.

Joint mobilisation: Greater flexibility in joints like shoulders or hips helps to ease back pain.

Stress relief: Focused breathing helps calm your nervous system, lessening pain.



Personalized one-to-one sessions are a great way to understand your body better and see quick results.

During an initial consultation, your teacher will learn about your injury history and assess your posture’s influence on pain.

Your teacher will guide you on how to support yourself between lessons and you will set achievable goals together.

All 1-1s are done as home visits, so our teachers come to you.

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All Basics classes are suitable for people with back pain.

You will learn simple exercises designed to strengthen your core, relieve back pain, and mobilise stiff areas.

You’ll find increased comfort and mobility in your everyday life.

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Our Back Care membership brings you the best of both 1-1 sessions and group classes, with one 1-1 session a month, and a weekly group class.

Combine expert guidance with regular practice, to beat pain quickly!

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We know how to end pain because our teachers have successfully overcome pain ourselves, and we’ve helped countless clients do the same.

Our mission is to educate people about pain in a clear and easy-to-understand manner, providing fast and effective relief.

Experience a fulfilling, pain-free life with Ankor Pilates today!


It depends! I have seen some people see their back pain disappear after one lesson! (Sometimes Pilates works like magic…) If you have had back pain for many years, you will probably feel better after the first lesson, but it might take 3-6 months to be completely pain free.

If you have chronic back pain, or complex injuries it’s advisable to start with 1-1 sessions. Working individually with one of our expert teachers allows personalized exercises and attention to address your specific issues. You are still very welcome to attend group classes, but we generally recommend 1-1s as a first step.

Yes, absolutely. We always recommend some 1-1s for people with back pain or injuries, but you will still see results just by attending group classes.

Pilates is an incredibly safe and effective workout for all spinal pathologies and diagnoses. If you’re worried about joining a group class we recommend a 1-1 session first, where a teacher can recommend any modifications before you join a group class.

Unfortunately if you’re pregnant you cannot join Pilates classes, unless they are specifically pre-natal.

We understand that starting something new can be nerve racking but please don’t be too nervous! 1-1s are a great way to be introduced to Pilates, in the comfort of your own home.

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