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Back pain is a complex issue, affected by our sedentary lifestyles, stress, a lack of strength and mobility, and other factors. The good news is that the solution to getting over back pain (if implemented with commitment) is pretty simple. If you start to move more, gain strength and mobility and reduce stress, it’s likely that your back pain will start to disappear. 

You might be in a space right now where you’re scared to move in case you make your back pain worse. It’s very normal to be in that place if you’ve been experiencing pain. Pilates will help you build up mobility and strength over time in a way that’s comfortable and manageable for you. Gradually, you will gain confidence moving and suddenly you will be able to do things that you never dreamed of at the beginning! It’s a journey that requires time and commitment but we will work with you where you are right now, and help you trust your body again.

If you’re suffering from back pain, fed up of spending lots of money on different specialists, and worried like you might always be in pain, it’s time to take control of your body and start to take steps towards a pain-free life. Ankor Pilates will assess your posture and movement patterns, build a personalised exercise plan for you, teach you about the latest back pain science, and help you reduce stress. You will implement lasting lifestyle changes that help you move beyond pain and enable you to reach your full potential.  What would you do with your life if you didn’t experience back pain? Play with your kids, enjoy your relationships, take up a new hobby, thrive at work. It’s all possible when you’re strong, mobile and pain-free. So are you ready to get back to what makes life worthwhile?


  • Sitting for too long makes your back ache like hell
  • Standing up hurts your back too
  • You’re scared of moving in case it makes your back ‘go’
  • Physios can’t tell you what’s wrong
  • It comes and goes without a pattern or any rhyme or reason
  • Your back pain gets you down
  • You feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked


There are many reasons why Pilates is such an effective way to help with back pain, explained in more detail below.

Movement – The old theory of resting to get through back pain is long gone. It has been proven that the best way to get through back pain is to get moving!

Core strength – Pilates exercises often target core strength, which can help to reduce back pain.

Spinal control – Pilates will teach you how to move effectively through all parts of the spine, rather than only moving the parts of the spine that are very mobile. Often moving too much through the flexible parts of your spine can cause pain, rather than the stiff parts of your spine. Pilates will help you learn how to control movement in the mobile parts of your spine.

Posture – Good posture helps to reduce any excess pressure being placed on muscles, ligaments or discs. By improving your posture in class, you will begin to take this out into your daily life.

Joint mobilisation – Sometimes back pain can be exacerbated through a lack of flexibility in other joints, such as the shoulders or hips. Increasing mobility in these larger joints can reduce pain you are experiencing in your back.

Stress relief – Chronic pain is deeply intertwined with your emotional state. Often back pain can flare up in times of intense stress or anxiety. Focusing on breathing and movement for an hour can release stress. Many clients say they sleep much better the night after taking a Pilates class!


Movement – mobilising your back releases pain
Core strength – increasing core strength is proven to be an effective treatment for back pain
Posture – improving posture releases undue pressure or tension on your back
Joint mobilisation – increasing overall flexibility and improving joints range of movement can reduce back pain
Stress relief – pain is closely linked to stress and anxiety so by reducing stress you reduce pain


1:1 Consultation

1-1 Consultation 

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I Have Back Pain, Should I Come To A 1:1 Or Group Class?

We always recommend you come for an initial 80 minute 1-1 consultation first. We view back pain holistically, and will talk to you about your body, mind and lifestyle to assess where we could gain some quick wins in reducing your pain. Every person is an individual and every ‘body’ is unique, so we want to work with you individually so that we can work out what is best for you!

I'm Currently Experiencing Acute Back Pain, Should I Start Pilates?

It depends on what kind of acute pain you are experiencing. If you are experiencing acute sciatica (numbness, tingling or shooting pains down one leg) we always recommend you go to a medical practitioner first to receive clearance to exercise. We have numerous local practitioners we work with who we can refer you to.

What Happens In An Initial 1:1 Session?

Before your consultation you will be asked to complete 2 detailed forms about your back pain and how you are feeling about it. During your consultation we will go through your forms together and we will ask you to tell us the ‘story’ of your back pain. We will also discuss other wider factors in your life that can affect back pain such as stress, sleep and beliefs around pain.

Following our discussion, we will do a brief postural assessment and a movement assessment, in order to assess your body and see how you move. Then we will give you 5-6 tailored ‘homework’ exercises for you to take away and practice in your own time. Depending on your pain and current levels of movement, we may also set some shared goals together. You will also receive information about back pain, so that you can learn more about back pain in your own time.

I Have Sciatica, Should I Come To Pilates?

You can still practice Pilates with sciatica, as long as you have received clearance to exercise (from a physio/ osteopath/ GP) before coming to see us.

I Have Disc Issues, Will Pilates Help?

Pilates can definitely help with disc issues. Depending on where you are in your journey, we might focus on stabilising the lower back and pelvic area by building ‘core stability, or we might start trying to regain mobility in your lower back.

We would recommend that you come for an initial consultation with us before joining group classes, as each person’s disc issues are individual. Before you join group classes we need to assess which movements will be good for you.

Can MRI Scans Show What Is Causing Pain?

MRI scans might reveal disc degeneration or individual structures that are functioning sub-optimally, but positive results in an MRI do not necessarily equate to someone experiencing pain. Disc degeneration is a normal process and part of ageing, just like having grey hairs. If a doctor or physio has ever made you feel afraid about your discs, ignore them! Many people live with things going on with their discs PAIN FREE. If you were to select a random group of people off the street and take them to have MRI scans done, a large percentage would reveal that they have disc degeneration or other things going on but they will have never experienced any form of back pain in their life!

How Long Will It Take For My Back Pain To End?

In our experience, people suffering from low back pain can take anything from a few weeks to 18 months. But everybody is different, and every ‘body’ is unique! Your recovery depends a lot on multiple factors outside of classes such as stress levels, sleep, posture, work-life balance, mindset, motivation and beliefs.

The journey out of pain is also not going to be a straightforward, linear journey. Almost everyone experiences new incidents of pain, but over time the incidents become much less frequent, less intense, and they take less time to bounce back from. If you commit to working with us and you are motivated, you will end your back pain.


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