Tali F. Bowers

Tali is a Matwork Pilates instructor based in South East London, who grew up in Edinburgh and trained as a dancer from a young age. She has suffered from a chronic back injury since the age of 10, began practising pilates when she was told to take 2 years off dancing to help her body recover. She built up enough strength to be able to complete a degree in Contemporary Dance at a London Conservatoire.

Throughout her degree, the somatic based practices and anatomy courses gave her a rich knowledge of the mechanics of the body. Coupled with an understanding of the psychological impacts of having a chronic injury, Tali has developed a well rounded understanding of the body and its connections to the brain, including physical coping mechanisms and complex movement habits. Now, her creative and holistic practice helps clients gain an awareness of their bodies through a kind, light hearted and accessible approach, allowing people to get the most out of pilates and use it to strengthen, stretch and heal.

  • STOTT Basic & Intermediate Mat 100% 100%
  • Level 4 Anatomy and Physiology 100% 100%


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