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Brenda is a trained dancer and Pilates teacher, having initially discovered Pilates when rehabilitating a knee injury sustained from dance. Since then, Pilates has also helped Brenda maintain strength during and after two pregnancies, and aided recovery from a full Achilles tendon rupture. An expert in all things lower limb, Brenda’s classes focus on building body awareness and improving mobility, flexibility and functionality of movement. She loves to help people discover changes they can make to their movement that then impacts their day to day lives.


Tali grew up in Edinburgh and trained as a dancer from a young age. A chronic back injury at the age of 10 led her to Pilates during a two year break from dancing. During this time, Pilates helped Tali to strengthen her body and heal her pain, and eventually enabled her to complete a degree in Contemporary Dance. Deeply passionate about chronic pain, Tali provides challenging classes with a strong mind-body connection. She aims to educate clients about pain and she teaches lighthearted, accessible classes that help clients to strengthen, stretch, and heal.


In 2016, Sophie attended her first Pilates class with her mum. After facing a period of high stress and anxiety, Sophie returned to Pilates and experienced the profound benefits for her physical and mental health. With a special interest in mental wellbeing, Sophie's mission is to share the joys of Pilates with her clients, providing relief from lower back pain, managing stress and anxiety, and enhancing overall well-being. Her well-rounded classes include strength building, mindful movement, and a mix of challenge, release, and relaxation.


Originally from Spain, Laura has called London 'home' for over a decade. Seeking relief from neck and back pain caused by long office hours, she discovered Pilates and fell in love with the practice. Her familiarity with office environments enables her to relate to her clients' daily struggles and guide them in correcting poor postures and movement patterns. With a passion for movement, Laura is always learning, and loves to integrate different movement disciplines into her classes, creating varied, enriching classes.


Carla, a former health journalist, found her passion in Pilates after a decade of dedicated practice. Retraining as a Pilates instructor, she shares her love for the method, valuing its ability to instill trust and comfort in one's body. Her flowing, supportive, and fun classes empower clients to develop strength, balance and flexibility. Carla believes in the unique camaraderie that Pilates fosters, bringing people together through laughter, effort, and shared accomplishments. Originally from Cape Town, London is now her home for the foreseeable future.


Eve is an actor based in South East London. Like many people she came to Pilates via an injury she sustained on a job. Almost immediately she fell in love with the process of Pilates and trained to share the joy in 2015. Eve teaches energetic yet relaxing classes, and you will receive plenty of individual guidance under her careful eye. Eve loves working with different people, helping them feel good within their bodies and move with freedom.