Zoe discovered Pilates after a horse riding accident in 2008, which resulted in years of suffering from recurrent low back pain. Pilates was invaluable in her recovery and she set up Ankor Pilates to help people who have back pain, like she previously did. Over the years Pilates has also helped Zoe build strength, improve her posture and has been positive for her overall wellbeing.

Zoe’s aim is to help people feel good in their bodies through building strength, improving posture and increasing functional mobility. She likes to help people discover a love of movement and always challenges her clients in a safe, achievable way. Zoe has an interest in anatomy and biomechanics and she has a special interest in helping people with low back pain re-establish trust in their bodies.



  • Level 3 Body Control Pilates Mat 100% 100%
  • Level 3 Low Back Pain 100% 100%
  • Level 3 Pregnancy & Post-natal Pilates 100% 100%


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