Lower back pain can be debilitating. Constant pain, stiffness and a fear of making your back pain worse can lead to missing days of work, skipping social events, not exercising, and low mood, anxiety, or depression. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Even one Pilates class a week can reduce, and eventually completely heal lower back pain. We know it because we’ve seen it happen with our clients time and time again!


Pilates is such an effective way to help back pain due to:

Movement: Staying active is crucial. We help you move again, and make movement a habit!

Core strength: Our exercises target your core, creating a strong support for your spine.

Spinal control: Learn how to keep your spine stabilised and how to move it with control.

Posture: Stand tall, reducing strain on muscles and discs for a pain-free life.

Joint mobilisation: Greater flexibility in joints like shoulders or hips helps to ease back pain.

Stress relief: Focused breathing helps calm your nervous system, lessening pain.


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The classes have been so beneficial to me and pretty life-changing! The small class size and the really skilled but down-to-earth teachers have made me feel so welcome. I've learnt how to be so much more aware of the intricacies of my body and how to target certain muscles. The biggest thing has just been finding a type of exercise that really de-stresses me - I didn't realise how stressed I was and taking the time to slow down, release tension in specific muscles and breathe has really changed the way I go about life. It has also helped me redefine my relationship with my body and pain itself. Since then, I've really felt my chronic pain lessen and in each class I feel like I learn more and more and I'm able to strengthen areas that have been chronically weak and that haven't been targeted properly for years!
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Ankor Pilates has made a real significant difference to how I experience movement and my body. I have had lower back pain and issues around my shoulder and neck for a long time, and having done Pilates with Ankor regularly for the last couple of years I feel stronger, more flexible and more in tune with my body. My back is far more comfortable, and I have strategies to help it. I have been able to carry out multi day cycle trips and hikes without the chronic pain of the past. All the teachers bring their own style and focus to the class and I enjoy the variety and careful corrections and suggestions. I have become one of those annoying Pilates- evangelists and would strongly recommend Ankor Pilates.
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I have been going to ankor pilates for about 2 years now and enjoy every minute I am there. There is a variety of differently teaching, awesome teachers and all very much thoughtful about every one of us in class. Highly recommend it if you are struggling with pain etc as teachers are very knowledgeable and flexible to people's individual needs 🙂
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I joined Ankor pilates a year and a half ago and have really noticed a big difference in my back and posture. Zoe and Brenda's classes are an absolute joy and I always come away from them feeling looser and ready for the week/weekend! They are also always on hand to give personal tips and advice on things I could be doing at home to support the classes.
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Ankor Pilates was recommended by my Osteopath at the time when I was suffering from sciatica. I tried many things, swimming regularly, walking, pilates, osteopath and I believe they all contributed massively to y recovery. Ankor pilates specifically was brilliant. Zoe and her team were very good with helping a beginner and adjusting some exercises when required to avoid exacerbating the pain. Would highly recommend Ankor to anyone.
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Ankor Pilates has been a lifeline for me through post-injury recovery, lockdown, pregnancy and then post-partum recovery. The teachers are all amazing and attentive to each member of the class. It’s helped me to learn ways to manage long term pain, as well as to soothe the general aches and pains of modern life. I love going to Ankor classes and haven’t found any other pilates class that I enjoy as much!


It depends! I have seen some people see their back pain disappear after one lesson! (Sometimes Pilates works like magic…) If you have had back pain for many years, you will probably feel better after the first lesson, but it might take 3-6 months to be completely pain free.

Absolutely. Ankor attracts a wide range of clients, with a wide range of goals. Some of the most common reasons for starting Pilates are to: improve core strength; recover from an injury; improve posture; gain flexibility; improve general health and wellbeing. Our teachers always know what you’re trying to achieve with Pilates and they will tailor their lessons to help you meet your goals.

If you have back pain, we recommend you start with Basics. If you’re very fit, exercise regularly, and want a challenge, you are welcome to try an Intermediate, but we always recommend that when you sign up you do 4-6 weeks of Basics classes so that you understand the fundamentals.

1-1s offer a more tailored approach, and you will be given “homework” exercises to practice in your own time. 1-1s are great for if you’re recovering from a specific injury, if you’re motivated to practice in your own time and if you like lots of personalised attention.


Group classes are great for making sure that you’re exercising every week! You will improve your core strength, posture, flexibility and wellbeing in the comfort of a group. Teachers will still throw in specialised exercises to help you meet your specific goals but you’ll also learn more general exercises.


Pilates is great for men! Joseph Pilates, the founder of Pilates, was a man, and quite a macho man at that. He used to box, lift weights, do gymnastics, yoga, and trained people in the police force and military. Increasingly, you see professional sportsmen practicing Pilates to prevent injuries and condition their bodies (England football team, Andy Murray, Tiger Woods and Lebron James, to mention a few…). If you want rock hard abs, the ability to touch your toes, and to lose your desk slouch, come and give it a try.

No, you can mix and match. Most of our members have a favourite class that is automatically reserved for them through our booking system, TeamUp, but you can also come to a different class every week if you want to. If you’re going away on holiday, fear not, just use your class credit within the same month.

Our Pilates classes have a maximum of 12 people in each class, so you will always receive individual support and guidance from your teacher. Pilates at a leisure centre has become a little bit ‘bootcamp’-ey (there’s nothing wrong with bootcamps!) where you are essentially doing crunches. We like to strengthen your abdominals, but you will also improve your flexibility, posture, and learn the precision of the method of Pilates.

We understand that starting something new can be nerve racking but please don’t be too nervous! We regularly receive feedback that Ankor Pilates classes are incredibly welcoming. Our teachers are friendly and create a relaxed atmosphere, and . You don’t need any level of fitness to start Pilates and we welcome clients of all genders, ages, and fitness levels.

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