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Ankor Pilates runs group Pilates classes, 1-1 lessons and Pilates workshops in person and online. We are based in New Cross, London so come join us if you live in New Cross, Telegraph Hill, Peckham and Nunhead – or join one of our online classes from anywhere!

Ankor Pilates are low back pain specialists and we offer online and in person Pilates for back pain. Our areas of expertise include: disc issues; scoliosis; hypermobility; and postnatal. 

Ankor was inspired by the English word ‘anchor’ meaning: to secure; or provide with a firm basis or foundation. Make your body your anchor with Ankor Pilates.


Click below to book in for a free introductory class, which you can do either online or in person. You will be asked to fill in a few details so that we know a little bit more about you.

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I started getting lower back pain about two years ago when my first baby was about 1. It became so uncomfortable that I had trouble sleeping, I had to stagger out of bed and couldn’t bend or lift. The GP was quite unhelpful and only offered pain relief so I sought help from a physiotherapist.

Pilates has really helped my posture and strengthen my core to maintain a pain free lower back. Now after my second baby it has helped me very gently recover my pelvic floor and diastasis recti.

I would recommend Ankor Pilates because the classes are tailored for back pain which you would not get with a regular Pilates class.


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I wanted to start Pilates as I wanted to improve both my posture and strength, and had previously sustained an injury at the gym. I had also had many albeit unsuccessful attempts at starting and maintaining a yoga practise, but it never stuck as I could never see any real benefit, and also injured myself a few times. I have found Zoë and Brenda’s classes fantastic – they’re incredibly attentive to your body and what it’s doing. It’s been nearly a year since I started, and having undertaken both group classes and 1:1 classes with Zoë I have a much improved posture, core strength, and a much better awareness of how my body moves by default and how to correct bad habits / imbalances in the way I move and stand. I have also been free from back pain for most the year since starting as well. I would highly recommend Ankor Pilates to anyone who is thinking about it.

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My back suffered hugely during both my pregnancies. In my second pregnancy I started to develop serious back pain. I experienced episodes where my back would just ‘go’ and feel broken, like I’d snapped in the middle. It sounds dramatic but it could be so painful, depressing and debilitating.

Pilates has helped me so much! I’m so much stronger than when I started. That increased strength has made me feel so much better about myself and my body.

I know that weakness will always be a threat for me and my back but for the last year, my back has not ‘gone’ or ‘felt broken’ once.


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