Why do you want to start Pilates? Many people have the goal of improving core strength. A regular Pilates practice definitely builds abdominal strength and stamina, but here are 5 ways that Pilates can improve your overall life! 

1 – Pilates boosts your mood

Movement releases endorphins, aka happy hormones! Moving your body and getting blood flowing to muscles is known to release chemicals that help us feel more positive.

In Pilates we also practice doing certain movements like rolling and bouncing, which can help you ‘shake off’ any negative parts of your day. 

2 – Pilates improves your mobility 

When it comes to your body, there is a phrase called ‘use it or lose it’. This simply means that if you don’t use muscles, or move your joints in particular ways, you will lose strength or the ability to do move in those ways. 

Pilates moves all of your joints in all planes of movement, which helps you to maintain and improve mobility. 

3 – Pilates increases proprioception

Proprioception is your sense of body position and self-movement. It is also known as kinaesthesia and is sometimes described as the “sixth sense”.

Learning where your body is in space, how it moves, and gaining an appreciation for your body and what it does can be hugely rewarding. Sensing your body is a great way to practice mindfulness which can be very grounding. It helps you connect to a sense of calm in your day-to-day life.  

4 – Pilates improves your balance

Our ability to balance is incredibly important and in our increasingly sedentary lifestyles we often lose our sense of balance. In Pilates we increase single leg strength, ankle and foot mobility and practice lots of balance exercises – helping you to improve your balance. 

Improving your balance is not only beneficial for improving walking function, preventing falls and reducing low back, hip or knee pain but can also help you to feel steady and grounded. What would life be like if you felt confident on one foot as much as two?

5 – Pilates reduces stress and anxiety 

Breathing and moving slowly helps you to connect with yourself and helps activate your parasympathetic nervous system. Your parasympathetic nervous system is also known as your ‘rest and digest’ state. 

When you take time to really focus on your movement and your breath you don’t have space to think about anything else – which can 

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