What is Pain Reprocessing Therapy? 

Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT) is a form of talking therapy used to help clients who experience neuroplastic pain. 

What is Neuroplastic Pain?

Your brain’s job is to keep you safe. Pain is a signal from your brain that your physical safety is under threat (either real or perceived). 

Neuroplastic pain is when the brain misreads signals – it takes safe sensory input and interprets it as dangerous. This means you get a lot of pain when there is not necessarily tissue damage.

How does PRT treat Neuroplastic Pain? 

PRT works by deactivating the danger signals in the brain, and creates new neural pathways which let the brain know that it’s safe. This reduces the feeling of threat, therefore reducing the level of pain the brain is giving you.



1. Talking therapy that gives unique insights into pain 

2. Deeper understanding of pain and your relationship to it 

3. Toolkit to reduce pain and manage pain flare ups


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“Learning about Neuroplastic pain in my Pain Reprocessing Therapy course was like lifting the veil on my experience of pain.

Going into the training, I was confident I knew my brain and my body well due to my research on the topic, around 23 years of dance training and 16 years of chronic pain.

During the PRT course however, I learnt about the relationship we have with the pain itself - a very different matter to the relationship with the body. I discovered aspects of my relationship with pain which I had never even considered.

PRT gave me immense clarity around my pain. It highlighted subconscious fears that were preventing my full recovery. Perhaps most importantly, I learned how to react to pain in the future. It's the best toolkit I could ask for.”


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Tali grew up in Edinburgh and trained as a dancer from a young age. A chronic back injury at the age of 10 led her to Pilates during a two year break from dancing. During this time, Pilates helped Tali to strengthen her body and heal her pain, and eventually enabled her to complete a degree in Contemporary Dance. Deeply passionate about chronic pain, Tali provides challenging classes with a strong mind-body connection. She aims to educate clients about pain and she teaches lighthearted, accessible classes that help clients to strengthen, stretch, and heal.

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