5 ways Pilates can improve your life (other than core strength)

Why do you want to start Pilates? Many people have the goal of improving core strength. A regular Pilates practice definitely builds abdominal strength and stamina, but here are 5 ways that Pilates can improve your overall life!  1 – Pilates boosts your mood Movement releases endorphins, aka happy hormones! Moving your body and getting […]

What I learned about movement from walking every day for 2 months

With our freedom still restricted by COVID-19, many people have taken up walking more regularly. I am definitely included in that group! I already know there are many benefits to walking but I wanted to explore them by pushing myself to walk further and more regularly than I usually would. For January and February I […]

3 simple habits to beat low back pain and build wellness that lasts a lifetime

2020 has been a bad year for back pain. COVID-19 has seen us all working from home, in suboptimal working conditions, with increased stress and anxiety. In my work specialising in back pain I’ve personally seen a huge surge in people suffering from back pain.  When I had back pain many years ago, it would […]

Could barefoot shoes end your lower back pain?

Everything is connected. You are a complex, whole structure. So what happens in your feet affects the rest of your body. Your feet are literally your foundation, and so it makes a lot of sense as to why changing the conditions of your feet would affect your ankles, knees, hips and spine.  But feet aren’t […]

Why are your feet are important for movement?

How often do you think about the health and mobility of your feet? Chances are not that much, unless they cause you pain or discomfort. Perhaps you get cramp in your feet, or maybe you have bunions. If you do have some issue you probably pay attention to them, because of something going ‘wrong’.  But […]

Why I am a low back pain Pilates teacher

By Zoe Fairlamb This blog post contains my story of how and why I became a Pilates teacher who specializes in low back pain. I’d like to share this so that you can learn about some of the strategies that I found most helpful in my journey overcoming back pain. So here is my story […]